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The only app specifically designed for Urgent Care

Compare Wait Time

With Code Blue, Patients can compare wait times, get in line, and check in right from their phone.
  • Research shows that the average wait time at Urgent care centers is about 45 minutes, which results in an unpleasant and frustrating experience.
  • Wait time can be affected by patient volume, insurance eligibility, and other check-in procedures that take time. Code Blue seeks to relieve those pressures and create the best experience possible for both Patients and Providers.
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Cost Predictor

Estimate your medical bill - no surprises.
  • Visiting an Urgent care center is 90% less expensive than visiting the ER – and Patients should know that, empowering them to make an informed decision about their care.
  • Code Blue provides a estimate of visit cost, including any add-on services such as Strep, Influenza etc., so Patients can know exactly what to Strep, Influenza etc., so Patients can know exactly what to expect.
What is Cost Transparency?

Alergies and Sensitivities


Recommended every 10 years
Recommended for age over 65
Recommended for age over 65

Social History

Merital Status

Health Profile

Say goodbye to filling forms at doctor office
  • All Urgent care centers are required to do a history & physical. But because this history does not travel between providers, Patients have to fill out new forms for every visit.
  • Code Blue fixes this, empowering the Patient to fill out their health profile just once and we will transfer that history to any Urgent care they visit.
  • Patient privacy is very important to us: We will ask you before we transfer any information.

Health Insurance
Payment Eligibility Check

Visiting an Out of network Urgent care take a toll on your wallet.
  • Code Blue empowers Patients to pick an urgent care center based on their health insurance coverage – ensuring that they have the knowledge to make informed decisions and avoid any surprise bills.
  • Patients simply take a photo of their card and we provide the details on out of pocket costs. No more searching through insurance websites or calling customer service representatives – it’s easy as a click of a button.


For provider

Generate More Revenue

  • Decrease wait time

    Patients will experience shorter wait time and less frustration, leading to a more pleasant overall experience. This will encourage repeat customers and recommendations that grow your base of Patients.

  • Know your patients before they walk-in

    Your dashboard will let you know as soon there is a new patient appointment; along with their medical history and chief complaint. This empowers you to prepare, providing the best service possible and enhancing patient outcome.

Provide Better Service

  • Smarter Scheduling & Staffing

    With decreased wait and check-in time, your center will run more efficiently. So you can see more patients in a day and make smarter staffing decisions.

  • Push Notifications

    Code Blue automatically sends (In App) notifications to any patient you have seen. If someone comes in for a DOT exam or Sports Physical they will be tactfully reminded to visit your center again.

  • Special Offers

    Run specials for Patients on Code Blue, allowing you to provide more value, build a better market, and ultimately drive revenue for yourr business.

Get Great Reviews

  • Our superior Review management system will help publish your awesome review across various search and social platforms - increasing traffic to your Urgent Care center.
  • Urgent care is a retail business. Patients shopping for now rely heavily on reviews - just one bad review can turn away a potential customer.
  • Code Blue creates a better Patient experience, naturally generating more positive reviews. We then empower you to distribute that positivity across marketing channels, ultimately enhancing your brand and attracting newt patients.

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Our Team

Abhilasha Pandey, MD

Dr. Abhilasha Pandey specializes in Internal Medicine in Metro Detroit area. Dr. Abhilasha Pandey has over 10 years of experience in the field of medicine. She graduated from Oakwood Hospital (now Beaumont) with her medical degree in 2007. She is affiliated with numerous hospitals, including Beaumont Hospital - Taylor (MI) and more.

Dr. Faisal M. Mawri, MD

Dr. Mawri is a world-renowned specialist in pediatrics and pediatrics emergency medicine. He completed his Fellowship at University Of Michigan and Residency at Hurley Medical Center, Flint Michigan.

Vin Pandey

Vin is an entrepreneur passionate about impacting access to Healthcare in America. After years working at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, he saw an opportunity to help patients and doctors connect deeper and more efficiently through technology. This passion, along with an MBA from the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business and experience in Technology Consulting, drove Vin to create Code Blue - a platform to connect patients and Urgent Care centers. With his mix of technical skills, industry experience, and business education, Vin hopes to unite passionate patients, doctors, and partners in the mission to improve communication and impact lives through Code Blue Health.

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